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Opening trailer
Tied trailer

Opening is a multi-dimensional voyage into a fractal shamanic reality of the empowered goddess.

Tied is a surreal voyage through the emotion and expression of one woman over one weeks time.

Working with Video

I've been working with video since 2004.  My first film was called Terracqueo which was shown at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival at the University of California, Berkeley.  It received a Grand Festival Award.  A friend saw it there who contacted a producer who then commissioned me to create a short film about a Native American Vietnam vet to show at the Cannes Film Festival.  It was called White Bear's War.  It showed there in 2005 along with Terracqueo.

I had been working with multiple images and overlays first with negatives in the darkroom and then photoshop for several years in order to express the multi-layered, multi-dimensional nature of reality. I also had been creating music where one overlays multiple tracks to create finished pieces.  Video was a new way for me to combine both music and image along with the element of time.

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